Our Brand Story

“Who are we?”

“What is our purpose in this rat race called ‘Life’?”

“Is this it?”

“Are we meant for anything more? Can we do more?”

On the path towards our higher purposes in life, Man & Mage’s curated collection holds space for us to manifest greatness and amplify magnificence.

It is time to discover the beauty within ourselves, raise our collective vibrations, and to attain our deepest inner transformations.

Wherever you are, feel your shifts, tune in to yourself, and embrace a life lived with intention.

This is our superpower.

This is our design.


A Message From Our Founder

"In my personal journey of Light Leading, I have found footing and comfort in the most trying of times with these tools, and it is my pleasure to share them here with you.

Each of our products has been crafted with the greatest care, healing intentions, and bathed in positive affirmations. I hope you love our offerings as much as I do, and look forward to building this intimate community of empowered women and men, as we nourish our spirits and souls.

Sat Nam."