Giving Back

Leading up to the Equinox, we have decided to spread a little more kindness and love. As a part of our efforts to raise our collective vibrations on this Earth, we will be giving free Distance Reiki Healing by Tannie to all kinds of furbabies - big and small.

Our furry friends also go through their own tiny trials every day. It could be something small such as not being able to spend more time with their Hoomans, and can also be bigger issues such as trauma from abandonment. They may be transient issues such as emotional upheavals due to a change in environment or manifest in physical ailments such as digestive upsets.

All we ask of you in return is to bless it forward with a gesture of kindness and love to someone else in need. 

Sign up with the form below and we will get in touch with you within 3 working days with more details.